Reactive Servers

Reactive Scaling, Simplicity, And Speed

Our sister brand, offers servers that do not require you to choose a fixed capacity, instead, they only use (and are only billed for) the resources needed to deal with their current load. They are the perfect fit for resilient, auto-scaling and cost-effective infrastructure.

Full OS Containers

Springs are operating system containers. We put an entire operating system into a Docker-like Linux Container, which provides much of the freedom of virtual machines, but without the overhead of a hypervisor and with the benefits of reactive scaling.


Individual Elastic Containers maintain continuous high performance. Containers fluidly scale to exactly the size necessary to deal with current load.

Unique Usage-only Billing

Save money by only paying for what you use. We only bill you for the RAM and CPU that you actually use, not the maximum capacity of the server.

Self-managing Infrastructure

No manual admin work or complex tools are needed to scale servers. You can just turn it on and never worry about it.