Total Control

Works Just Like A Physical Server

Our simple platform lets you take control of your server. With elastic server sizing, you can easily assemble your server to fit your needs. Choose exactly how much CPU, memory, and disk space you need, without paying extra for what you might not use.

Flexible Server Sizing

Our virtual hard drives and servers offer the same customization you’d find with a physical server, right at your fingertips. Plug together pieces in different combinations, resize them, easily move drives from one server to another, or put two drives on a single server. It’s up to you.

Real, Static IPs

You can have multiple static IPs and private networks per server and readily create intuitive, flexible configurations.

Instant VNC Access

With VNC access right from boot, we let you take off the case and tinker with your server. Nothing is hidden. Debug whatever the world throws at you, from BIOS up.

Linux & Windows

Pre-installed OS

Whether you run Linux, Windows, or BSD, we don’t discriminate.

We offer easy pre-installed OS images— Windows, MS SQL, Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

Custom Options

Not what you’re looking for? Feel free to use your own OS. You can even self-install from ISO.

Global Data Centers

Fast Local Access

You can choose the data jurisdiction that suits your business. And you get fast local access to your data.

Global Locations

Our customers are all over the globe, and so are we. With 10 global data centers in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Asia, and Australia, you benefit from low latency and redundancy.

Choice Of Data Jurisdiction

You can choose the data jurisdiction that suits your business. And you get fast local access to your data.

Storage Options

Drive Options

ElasticHosts offers high performance SSD and low cost HDD.

Cloud File Storage

Cloud storage is often very complicated, and not suited to traditional Unix/Linux tools. With our Folders we’ve created a storage platform with tried-and-tested applications like rsync and sshfs in mind from the beginning. There are no hidden fees, new tools, or complicated APIs to learn – the control is entirely in your hands.

Partner Tools