Cloud Storage

New Linux-friendly Cloud File Storage
- designed for Linux users

Cloud storage is often very complicated, and not suited to traditional Unix/Linux tools. That's why we've created the ElasticHosts Cloud Storage platform.
No hidden fees, non-standard tools, or complicated APIs to learn. It's easy.

How It Can Help

Offsite backup

Offsite backup

Maintain incremental backups with rsync.

Shared network drives

Shared network drives

Share files between multiple locations.

Host static files

Host static files

Serve downloadable files and static web pages.

Cloud servers

Cloud Servers

Access storage directly in your server's filesystem.

Connect to your Cloud Storage Folder in 20 seconds

  1. Sign up or log into ElasticHosts
  2. Click Add and select 'Cloud Storage'
  3. See your connection details
Cloud Storage Quickstart



Use normal Linux tools like rsync and sshfs.

Saves Money

Pay only for storage and data transfer used.
No hidden fees.

Dynamic scaling

The storage expands automatically as required.

Fast local access

Choose your data location to maximise data speed.

Technical Details

  • Full Linux filesystem semantics: maintain users/groups, permissions, etc.
  • rsync: synchronise files and incremental updates directly into cloud storage.
  • sshfs: mount remote drives over SSH for simple local use.
  • WebDAV: mount remote drives over HTTPS for simple local use.
  • HTTP: serve files such as static web pages or downloads.
  • Cloud Server integration: Run auto-scaling Linux Containers with your storage as their filesystem, mount your storage on Virtual Machines.
  • HDD and SSD: The disk-backed Cloud Storage, available only in London Maidenhead and Dallas, have their own separate folder pool which offer reduced I/O contention risks. The SSD-backed Cloud Storage (aka Folders) are available in every location.

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Cloud storage

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