Join us: ElasticHosts Charity Quiz Night, Wednesday 30th March!

Question: What was the capital of Portugal in 1815? Who is the only Nobel Prize winner with an entry in cricketing guide Wisden? And which Tom Cruise film featured the song Take My Breath Away? Whether or not you know the answers, come to the first ElasticHosts Charity Pub Quiz night, next Wednesday 30th March, at the Union Bar in Chiswick Park! You can enter as a team of between two and six people, or come by yourself — we’ll find you a team. There’s a £50 prize for the winning team, plus of course the chance of eternal glory. Entry is £5 per person, which includes a free drink. All proceeds go to African Revival — a charity working with local communities in Zambia and Uganda to give children access to education, opportunity and choice. Anna is taking part in a cycling challenge in May: 500km across Zambia for this worthy cause. If you wish to contribute but cannot make it to the quiz, please do so here: Answers: Rio de Janeiro, Samuel Beckett, and of course, Top Gun.