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    Virtual Machines
  • Any operating system
  • Totally flexible specification
  • Design your perfect server
    Elastic Containers
  • Linux only
  • Hassle-free auto-scaling
  • Bare metal performance

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Never spend more than you need

Save on hosting costs with our unique usage-only pricing.

Unlike other cloud providers, if you have a 4GB server with only 1GB of software currently running, then we’ll only bill you for that 1GB that you actually use.

These prices guarantee a base capacity of 1/4 the maximum RAM, then bill actual use every 15 minutes, up to the maximum size shown.

We also offer traditional fixed-price fixed-size plans, if you prefer.

Sample Pricing Plans

Our virtual machines are billed differently from Elastic Containers. We have a separate calculator page where you can precisely design your cloud server, add software licences and build your own pricing plan.