Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Benefits of our SSDs

Faster random read/write access

SSDs offer tens of thousands of random read/write input/output operations per second (IOPS) compared to hundreds of IOPS for HDDs. This means that SSDs maintain high throughput as disk seeks increase, unlike hard disks which eventually start “thrashing” and slow down dramatically. Servers and applications boot instantly and websites and applications are much more responsive.

Available on any size server

Elastichosts’ SSDs are available on any server size. Unlike some cloud server providers, you do not have to buy a large expensive server to benefit from SSD storage.

Available in eight data centre locations around the world

SSDs are available in eight of our independent data centre locations across the world: London Portsmouth, London Maidenhead, Amsterdam, San Jose, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Hong Kong and Australia. So you can choose SSD closest to your customers. We offer payments in local currencies for US, UK and Amsterdam.

Our pricing is simple

The cost of SSD storage per gigabyte is:
US/Canada/Hong Kong/Australia (USD) UK (GBP) Europe (Euros)
Monthly $0.50 £0.30 €0.35
Hourly $1.00 £0.60 €0.70
  Moving from HDD to SSD is often a bigger performance improvement than increasing CPU or Memory. Visit our Cloud Servers Quote to fully cost your SSD Cloud Server.

Great for disk bound workloads

SSD storage will speed up all servers, but is particularly effective for:
  • Large databases, SQL servers etc.
  • High volume exchange servers
  • Streaming media servers.

Free high quality email, phone and ticket support

We provide free high quality email, phone and ticket support 365 days a year, so you can reach out to us whenever there is an issue.

How to add a SSD server

It’s very easy and takes seconds on the control panel:
  • To add a new server using SSD, go to ‘Add’ select ‘Server, and select ‘SSD’ from the ‘Drive’ drop down.
  • To move an existing server to SSD, shut down the server, select ‘SSD’ from the drive ‘Copy’ drop-down, reconfigure the server to use the SSD copy, and start the server once copying is complete.
Any problems? Please contact support.  

“The results were stunning. I’ve never seen a server that worked that fast. As an example, our monthly database update took only 201 minutes, whilst with regular HDD it was usually taking 13 times longer”

Dmitry Vasiliev, Co-founder & Co-owner, Blin Media, Russia.

“The addition of Elastichosts’ SSDs to the cluster has seen our PostgreSQL performance improve dramatically, making our site even more responsive and able to easily handle spikes in load when demand increases.”

Jeff Moe, Aleph Objects, USA


A new approach
to hosting

Our cloud servers come
in two flavours:

Elastic Container - Linux only, automatic scaling, hassle-free infrastructure for applications that fluctuate in load.

VM - Versatile virtual machine. Any size, any spec, any operating system.